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Red Rum, Red Leather, Red Ranger, Red Graphix
These are a few of my favorite things
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DMC: nero: smile for a change
Okay, so I made icons. Have them.
Post includes Stock, SPN, DMC3

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18th-May-2010 01:18 pm - Screencaps: Evil Dead
DMC: QUOTE: more blood
Hey, have some screencaps:
Evil Dead. It's a small file, only about 65 mb, caps are .png format, size 720x480
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14th-Mar-2010 03:04 pm - Trailor: The Movie
Dan: Eric: srsly now
This is way more entertaining than it should be.
Trailor: The Movie featuring Dan Southworth
caps here
video dl here
Have fun! And if anyone can get better caps than I did, hook me up!
13th-Mar-2010 02:15 pm - Broken Path: screenshots
Dan: Eric: smug satisfaction
Screencaps of Dan Southworth and Johnny Yong Bosch in Broken Path
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Pt 1
Pt 2
26th-Dec-2009 04:38 pm - Busting my GIMP cherry
SPN: Dean: Dear diary
Okay, I finally stopped morning my Paint.net and moved on the GIMP. This is the result. I need practice.
7x Dan Southworth
2x DMC3 Dante
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22nd-Nov-2009 03:07 pm - Dan Caps
Dan: Eric: srsly now
Screen caps of this video

Kinda small and the vid is short so there's only like 30
Caps are here
22nd-Nov-2009 01:21 pm - Samurai Champloo: screencaps
DMC: Kyrie
I'm bending hiatus, not breaking it. Have some screencaps, these have been on my computer forever and I filed them by name, not number, so idk what the correct order is
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31st-Aug-2009 10:50 pm - See you in December!
South Park: college is srs bznz
Hiatus post! Srsly, I cannot devote enough time to make decent icons and pass NPII, so I'll see this comm again in December!
22nd-Aug-2009 11:06 am - Multifandom post
Dan+Rub: just hangin out
Supernatural (Wendigo) x24
Dan Southworth(PRTF and War Wolves) x35
Devil May Cry 2 x10
Monster x14
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